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Friday, February 23, 2018

3 skills to develop before coming back to your home country e.g. Mayotte

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Bay of Dzaoudzi (Mayotte)

A number of us wish we could go back and establish ourselves in our hometown or homecountry. In doing so, we would benefit from being close to our loved ones as well as living in a place that has seen us grow up. However, sometimes, once we are back to this place dear to our hearts, we find ourselves incapable of coping with it. Why is that the case? What do we miss? In reading these few lines, you will find my attempt in answering to those questions.

1st skill: Ability to adjust 

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After having spent several years in another country, whether you are a student or working, consciously or unconsciously, you evolve and grow adjusting yourself with the place you are living in. Over and beyond that, the experiences of life and the time passing by make us all grow as a person. Nonetheless, for somebody who left his homeland (e.g Mayotte) a while ago, it is quite common to say to yourself: "I have been raised and have grown up in Mayotte, I even talk the local dialect so it will be easy for me to come back and live there." The fact of the matter is having worked in another country such as the United Kingdom or the United States of America, you have been accustomed to work in that specific socio-professional environment. Undeniably, this environment is different from the socio-familial one, the same environment you grew up in. It is now obvious that you will have to adjust yourself to that home country you thought you mastered. On top of that, you will have to develop certain skills to be successful.

2nd skill: Ability to persevere

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Striving for adjusting to a homeland and environment you thought you were familiar with is a difficult and tedious assignment. Still, it does not change our assessment: The socio-familial environment is quite different from the professional one. With that being agreed upon, it is clear that for us to establish ourselves in our home country e.g. Mayotte, we have to be successful in the working field. In order to do so, besides being strong in our adjustment skills, you have to learn to persevere. It means keeping in mind your goals and aspirations, being patient despite the setbacks that you might face. The best case scenario is you having goals that go way beyond yourself (or your family and city). You know the kind of goals and aspirations that will impact not only yourself but also your home country. The closer your goal is to that, the better equipped you will be to develop and maintain a certain level of tenacity. In doing so, you did learn to be a little more humble telling yourself this time: "Listen, I have to admit and internalize that I am starting from scratch. I will act as if I had everything to learn from this place."

3rd skill: Ability to turn yourself into a "builder", ready to contribute in developing your home country

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Start from scratch (White Sand Islet)

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." John F. Kennedy (January 20, 1961, inauguration address for the office of President of the United States of America)

This excerpt from John F. Kennedy inauguration address sums up very well the mindset to have. You have to be ressourceful enough to consider building something from the ground up. It might be: a business, investing time, money and energy in an association or getting involved in the political scene. If we only take the case of Mayotte as an example, the work of your dreams might not exist, maybe the island has not developed something in your field. Actually, you might have to do it yourself, create and grow the company you would have loved to work in. You can also work in another field but in doing so capitalize from your background. Being what I call a "builder" is also an opportunity for you to become the benchmark in the market and holding that spot as a Business owner rather than an employee. So, you can have the prestige and at the same time the bonus of raising your income as a Business owner. Now that you have accomplished a work on yourself, what I would like to call "Personal development" as well as some work on your environment, you have been able to impact both your life and the society in a marvelous way. Eventually, whether you decide to come back to your homeland or to go live somewhere else, you do need to develop the same skills: ability to adjust, to persevere, to be bold enough to take initiatives. Those are like keys to propel your success no matter where you are.

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Large boat (La barge de Mayotte) for commuting

Written by David IBRAHIM.


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