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Thursday, March 1, 2018

3 reasons "Blue Ocean" strategy is YOUR key to success

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Blue Ocean strategy
What if I told you that in order to be successful, you only have to be yourself.

How many times have you heard somebody tell you? If you want to be successful, study your market and compete for your part of the cake. Well, think again.

  • "Blue ocean" versus "Red ocean" strategy

Here is the "Red ocean" approach: Study your market, fight for your portion of the market by eating up part of the total market share."

This is quite different from saying: "Study your strengths and weaknesses,  develop some knowledge of your market and develop your own way of catering to your market." This is rather here what is called "Blue ocean" strategy. A strategy that is quite clearly fashioned to transform your market and open up the gates for a limitless market. Eventually, you are building up the demand instead of fighting for it.

  • Apply this strategy and establish YOUR lasting success

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Success in differentiation

Your success is the result of you growing through:

  1. The focus on working with your means instead of surviving surrounded by the big firms of your market
  2. Making the competition irrelevant by your consistent pursuit of differentiation
  3. Building up your products and services on your strenghts and weaknesses instead of being a follower.

  • Podcast with Renée Mauborgne, professor at INSEAD and author of the book "Blue ocean strategy".

Enjoy the Podcast here below with Renée Mauborgne. Also, make sure you get her book by clicking on the cover down here.

Blue ocean strategy, W.Chan Kim, Renée A.Mauborgne, Doulah Management Expertise, Expertise, Consulting, Consultant, David Ibrahim, Mayotte
Blue ocean strategy
(W.Chan Kim and Renée A.Mauborgne)

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Article written by David IBRAHIM.

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