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Thursday, March 29, 2018

3 reasons why leadership is so important

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Awaken the leader in you

"Tell me who you spend time with, and I will tell you who you are." How often have I heard it from my parents...? This is a popular statement but yet so deep. Certainly deep enough for it to be the centerpiece of our discussion on:

Why is leadership so important?

1. Each and everyone of us are leaders

We are all leaders!, leadership, influence, power of influence,, Touché!, David Ibrahim, Expert, Consultant, Consulting
We are all leaders!

If being a leader is making your influence felt by your environment. We have to admit that each and everyone of us are involved in that process. Instead of asking yourself what would be the result of everybody acting as a Leader or if you are a Leader, you should embrace the fact that we are all exerting leadership. We all hold that role at some point or sometimes only for a certain period of time. Rather, the question should be:
  • What kind of a leader am I?
  • What do I want to lead people to? 
Only somebody who has never ever set a foot on Earth is devoid of the ability to lead. As a matter of fact, leadership brings you back to influence which can be:
  • Strong or weak
  • Positive or negative
  • Exerted momentarily, permanently or even eternally (if we refer to God)
  • Wielded consciously or unconsciously.
So, leadership defined as your ability to influence is not a gift that is only given to chosen people.

2. Exert leadership so that you fulfill your dreams

Fulfill your wishes, influence, power of influence,, Touché!, David Ibrahim, Expert, Consultant, Consulting
Fulfill your wishes

Being aware of our take when it comes to leadership is quite important. It will lead us to realize that we play a major role in reaching our goals. The 1st and major character in the project of fulfilling your dreams is YOU! This is where it all starts from. Whenever we shy away from being a leader for our own sake, we set ourselves for unhappiness. Let us take the case of a student whose parents want to force on selecting a professional career he does not want. If he chooses to be passive and submit, it is very likely that he will end up:
  • Average in his work
  • Unhappy
  • Resentful towards his parents (especially if he fails)
  • Lose confidence in himself and in doing so set himself up for more failures.
On the contrary, if he exerts leadership on himself meaning discipline himself, he will have a better chance to feel good in his mind, body and of being successful. In this example, it means going against his tendency to submit and work day and night to convince his parents. The fact of the matter is if he is successful, they will be happy and his success is dependent on working in his chosen field.

3. Embrace your leadership role for the common good

Life is influence, leadership, influence, power of influence,, Touché!, David Ibrahim, Expert, Consultant, Consulting
Life is influence

Embracing our role as a leader will make us think about how we influence not only people but also our environment (meaning even nature). It can also encourage us to change the way we go about interacting with people. Once you realize that life is influence, you can make a conscious choice to try and exert a good influence on your environment. Mankind can be pictured like a puzzle, each person is a piece of the completed puzzle. Now, let us be realistic, leadership can be used for Good or for Evil. Whenever you hold that role, if you do it well, the reward is doubled and vice versa if you do it in a wrong way. Also, whether you are dead or alive, you can still exert leadership on people. Even if you have never ever communicated with them, quite often, your grandparents influence you through your parents. Have not you ever heard your mother beginning a statement by?

"My Dad used to tell me..."

Trying to convince ourselves that we do not want to follow anybody or that we do not want to take leadership is a mirage. Not taking responsability also leads to complain which makes us cultivate weakness and unhappiness. The fact of the matter is, you are constantly influencing as well as you are being influenced by somebody or something.

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Article written by David IBRAHIM.


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  2. Very good article illustrated with mere example which enable us to understand properly.

  3. Very good article illustrated with mere example which enable us to understand properly
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