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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

3 stages to consider for becoming an Expert in any field

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Handle your business like a true Expert

What would you say if I told you: "You only know something when you have acted upon it!"

Believe it or not, this statement is quite profound. Based on it, we will draw a roadmap leading to developing your Expertise.

1st stage: The process of collecting information

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Collect your information

We are talking here about facts provided or learned about a specific topic. Information is kind of a raw stone. In our days, quite often, you can get it simply by searching it on the internet. Moreover, it also has to go hand in hand with memorization since the information has to be stored in your head. Only then, you can say that you really own it. When it comes to memorization, kids are much more comfortable doing it than an adult. As a matter of fact, no matter what field you are working in, you begin by gathering information as a 1st step before you can have any hope of reaching the level of an Expert. It is also the moment for you to develop a broad view of your topic. Obviously, information and understanding are two different things. Developing an understanding of your topic is a must before you can ever see yourself as an Expert. As you can imagine, understanding has different requirements and prerequisites than gathering information.

2nd stage: The process of developing understanding

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Team up and develop your understanding

Understanding can be defined as getting to the meaning, the interpretation of a chosen topic. It is only when you combine information and understanding that you get knowledge. In order to develop understanding in your field, you usually go to a knowledgeable person, like a teacher or a mentor. On top of learning from their knowledge, you also get to observe how they act upon it. In doing so, you also get to benefit from how they act on what they know. During a full program of mentorship, you get the good method to develop the right understanding. It will be cemented through discussions, questions and answers from your mentor. Unlike memorization, as you get older, your ability to understand develops. After all, you can hardly ask a kid to comprehend the intricacies of grammar. Understanding is really tested once it is put into practice. Certainly, application is the only way for you to confirm you master a topic.

3rd stage: The process of acting on your knowledge

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Impact your environment through action

This is when you fully come into play. As they say, if you are going to "talk the talk, you have got to walk the walk." Despite being convinced by the teachings you have received, you will surely have to make a few adjustments. Indeed, you do not have the same strengths and weaknesses as your teacher. Furthermore, quite often, you will try to impact a different environment. When you combine knowledge with application, you end up getting wisdom. In other words, you are now an Expert on your field. To sum it all up, you have 3 stages for  developing an Expertise:

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Roadmap to developing an Expertise
I make an analogy between theory and knowledge, as well as another one between empirical experience and application. I do think successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even Dan Lok are experts in their fields. They can be viewed as having a PhD. The fact of the matter is the best school in life is the school of experience. As a job seeker, you have surely noticed that your experience weighs much more than your degree. At the end of the day, the degree is only showing a potential. Most of the time, until you have acted on your knowledge and analyzed the outcome, you cannot develop a real expertise in your field. 

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A guide to assessing needs
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Article written by David IBRAHIM.

Article inspired by:
Nouman Ali Khan - CEO & Founder of Bayyinah

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