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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What no one tells you about defining success.

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Defining success

How many times have you heard somebody say: "What is wrong with this celebrity star, he has all the fame, success and money in the world but he still finds a way to be unhappy!" Let us ponder on that based on the following premises:

1. A human being is made of 4 key components

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Get to know the 4 key components

You can define a human being by the following components:
  • The physical one: this is our shell, our body
  • The emotional one: here, this is referring to our feelings such as anger, happiness, anxiety, worry and fear
  • The rational one: the thing that has to be fed here is your brain, your intellect to be a little bit more specific
  • Last but not least the spiritual one, this need is the deepest one, it is here about being at ease in your spirit and your soul. It is impalpable and bringing us back to the unseen and how it can have an impact on us.
It is a specific way to analyze any human being. I have called it the PERS method (P for Physical, E for Emotional, R for Rational and S for Spiritual)

2. These 4 items are all interconnected

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The 4 components are interconnected

Let us make an analysis of the following scenarios to see how interconnected these components are:

You have waken up with a nagging headache. This will lead you to:
  • Be irritable (E)
  • Shut down your ability to use reason (R) 
  • Lose focus on the spiritual side of things before taking a decision (S).
In this case, everything started from a physical issue.

You are on the road and the other driver does not give you the priority, you end up:
  • Angry and you punch on the glass, injure your hand (P)
  • Unwilling to use reason and unable to think about what could have happened (such as an accident) (R)
  • Unwilling to use some of your spiritual abilities to avoid losing your good mood (S).
Here, an emotional breakdown has led you to act in this way.

You are a Financial analyst and you thought deep and well before investing your savings in Enron stocks. After learning about Enron's bankruptcy, you:
  • Become very anxious and develop a lot of stress (E)
  • Stop feeding yourself properly, lose a lot of weight and in doing so put your whole life into jeopardy (P)
  • Lose fath and do not think something better may come up in the future (S).
The starting point here is a lack in rationality.

As you would say yourself, you have been blessed throughout your life. However, one day, you get to know about your Mom's death. As a result, you:
  • Do not manage to use rationality in order to get the answers about death and you cannot find a way to ease your heart and soul (R)
  • Go through a lot of emotional despair (E)
  • End up suffering physically (P).
 The disruption came here from your weakness when it comes to spirituality.

3. Your goal must be to develop and maintain balance between them 

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Develop and maintain balance

We are now aware of the 4 key components any human being is made of. We also know about the connection between all of them. At this point, each individual has to do some deep thinking to identify the starting point of everything: is it physical, emotional, rational or spiritual? You have to act first and foremost on this trigger so that you can find peace and tranquility. We have to admit that spirituality is the component that is the most difficult one to apprehend. However, this is at the core of any success. Indeed, your choices are the result of your set of beliefs. They guide our decisions when it comes to our physical condition, our emotions and our rationality. Success and sense of fulfillment are defined by your ability to take care of those 4 components starting from spirituality.

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Outwitting the Devil
(Napoleon Hill)

Written by David IBRAHIM.

Article inspired by:
Nouman Ali Khan - President and Founder of Bayyinah

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