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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

World migrations : "The good, the bad and the ugly." [Part 2]

World migrations, good, bad, ugly, Mayotte, Doulah Management Expertise, Expertise, Consultant, Conseil,

"He, who benefits from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it." Have you ever heard that statement...? Well, more often than not, basing your analysis on it can lead you to interesting conclusions.


World migrations to shape up the world, Mayotte, Doulah Management Expertise, Expertise, Consultant, Conseil,
World migrations to shape up the world

"From 632 to 1258, when the muslim empire showed the way to the western world" (translation from an article published in the french website 'Capital' of September the 14th of 2011)

For more than 5 centuries, the muslim empire extending itself from Africa to Arabia and Asia held the leadership in several fields including : Economy, Science and Agriculture. At that time, the main trading routes crossed the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. The living proof of this period are the predominantly muslim countries located next to these areas such as :
  • the island of Mayotte
  • Zanzibar and the neighbouring countries all around the Indian Ocean
  • North African countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, each having a border with the Mediterranean sea. 
At the 13th century, you could find the biggest scholars in the whole world in Timbuktu (a region located in the african country called Mali). Each time a country enjoys a leadership position, it results from migrations and trades not only of goods but also of knowledge and culture. Another example of this is the Silicon Valley in the United States of America. A number of leading high-tech companies have been founded by first or second generation foreigners such as Google with Sergey Brin as one of its founders. 


    The war against good and justice, Mayotte, Doulah Management Expertise, Expertise, Consultant, Conseil,
    The war against good and justice

    What about world migrations in our time? Quite often, they come as a result of wars and totalitarian regimes preventing social justice and therefore opportunities for its population.
    In the end, the disenfranchised ones end up being among those who struggle the most in exile. We are here referring to people who add up several difficulties : 
    • Poverty
    • Unability to read, write and/or count properly
    • Lack of knowledge of the language and culture of the new country.
    With that, you can also pile up the slowing down of the growth and the unreadiness to welcome such a huge number of people even in western countries. The worst case scenario for that can be observed in the island named Mayotte. Eventually, the increasing number of newcomers is seen as a legitimate threat in terms of education, access to jobs, health and culture.


    The pyramid has been turned upside down : the majority to the rescue of A minority, Mayotte, Doulah Management Expertise, Expertise, Consultant, Conseil,
    The pyramid has been turned upside down : the majority to the rescue of A minority

    You have 2 kinds of migration towards the new country :

    • It can be beneficial when it is a young, educated and ready to work population
    • It can bring about a number of issues when the newcomers are uneducated, unable to adapt and develop the required skills in order to live in the new country

    In spite of this, you do have two opposite viewpoints in a number of countries dealing with massive influx of foreigners :

    • Political and business leaders praise or vilify the immigration policy while maintaining the status quo
    • The local population who is growingly against the influx of newcomers.

    These opposite opinions are quite striking but actually make sense when you consider who takes advantage from this situation. For instance, in France, the food and restaurant industry together with the IT companies have a hard time finding employees and rely heavily on a foreign workforce. Therefore, it goes without saying that business owners benefit from this.

    Eventually, you come to the conclusion that the immigration system do benefit to a minority of people on both sides : in the adoptive country as well as in the country of origin. The large part of the departures comes from the empoverished ones. Going abroad in order to find greener pastures leaves the field to the tyrants in their home countries. After all, the same people who leave are the ones who would be willing to overthrow the despots.

    [To be continued...]

    Written by David IBRAHIM.
    Mayotte, illegal immigration, migrants, Brexit, Green card

    Here are a few additional information on the topic 
    • According to Ray KEATING, an American Economist, immigration is good for the country 

    • Some prominent investors such as George SOROS are even willing to invest in supporting illegal immigrants

    • By Douglas MURRAY "The strange death of Europe: Immigration, identity, islam" will give you an idea of immigration is being viewed from within


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